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 The Vietnam Puppetry Theater has been performing traditional water puppet for ASEAN children festival 2016 in the series of programs organized by the co-operation among Vietnam Television and Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, ASEAN countries Embassies in Vietnam, Co-operation and Development Fund (CDF) and Eastern Culture Joint-stock Company. The programme with the participation of children from 7 ASEAN countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Laos and Vietnam – the host country.
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In a shimmering moonlight night, with gentle wind, hydrangea flowers are booming in virginal whiteness and beauty. Night dews on the petals together with their pervasive scent make the flowers become splendidly charming queens of the world at night.
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  MINISTRY OF CULTURE, SPORTS & TOURISM SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM Organizing Committee The 2nd International Marionette Festival, Hanoi -2010   Independence – Freedom - Happiness                                                                              Hanoi, September 22nd 2009     INVITATION TO THE 2ND INTERNATIONAL MARIONETTE FESTIVAL HANOI - 2010  
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